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Our Goodwill Score!

We love the 50% off day at the Goodwill.  It is like Christmas for our entire family.  We actually prepare for it the night before.  My husband and I figure out what time the kids will get up, where we will eat for breakfast, What time it will all be done so that we do not get there late.  On time for us is one hour after the store opens (it would be great if we could actually get there when the store )opens, but one can only dream).

So I usually look up the date and time that the Goodwill is having their big sale, and I know that it used to be quarterly, but I think I have heard somewhere they do the saled more often.  Not sure.  Anyway, I informed my husband the week before,  made plans for the morning of the sale, packed the diaper bag for the day, took the cash out of the bank, and went to bed.

At the Goodwill when we arrived it was total chaos.  It reminds me of Black Friday 4 x’s a year.  There were no carts, people were everywhere not using their manners, and I could already feel the tension.   I was on a mission  to find what I came for and the first thing that I do is get the kids’ clothes.  We have three children.  All boys.  Two of them are easy to shop for, and fairly cheap.  They are 4 and 18 mo.  The 4 year old is Kailyr and the 18 month old is Kobey.  The third is a teenager, and his name is Corey.  The two little ones are easy to shop for, it is the teenager who is a nightmare.  They usually don’t have anything in his size anyway.

Our finds included 2 TV’s,1 VCR, and a CD player, a large tupperware bowl, kids clothes for the winter, a tent (brand new with all of the parts), a new backpack for school, an alien halloween costume and a bag of kids toys all for $120.00.

I am still excited about the TV’s and the VCR because they worked!

If you have a great Goodwill story please share. Thx!


How My Family Saves Money Part 2

I am working on a series about how my family saves money.  I think at this point I am finding extreme ways to save money, but I am saving for us to pay our home off.  Sometimes the extreme measures must be taken to get something done quickly.  Since I mentioned that we are one income, it is not an easy process.

So to recap, the first way our family saves money is by creating a budget, and getting every dime on paper.  The second way that we save money is to write out our financial goals.  Our goals include this year, this month, and this week.  For instance, this week I went to the grocery store with a goal of $25.00.  That was blown out of the water.  I could not believe it! I ended up with a $40.00 grocery bill.  So, my next goal for this week is to work on my couponing skills.

For our monthly goals, we try to set them to pay all of our bills, and then see how much we can save by the end of the month.  One thing about my saving method.  I don’t touch it.  Let me repeat that, for no reason, not even the lights being off do I touch our savings.  I find another way.  I will sell something, hock something, or scrap something, but I don’t touch the savings.

Finally, I  set our yearly goals by deciding what we (my husband and I) may want to do (Vacation) or save for this year (Paying off our home).

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